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Appliance Repair Safety during pandemic for Covid 19.

Covid 19 Safety

Appliance Tech LLC has been practicing Covid safety guidelines throughout the pandemic. We haven’t closed down and remained healthy. I have been noticing something with customers being relaxed as far as the mask wearing when coming to the door for the appointment. I just want to let you know that a mask is required by customers and the technician when a technician comes out to your home. I do apologize about any inconvenience, I’m just worried about the health of my family and customers. I can be leaving your home and visiting someone’s grandparents on my next service appointment that might get very sick if someone didn’t want to put a mask on. We have not entered a home without a customer agreeing to wear a mask and will continue to do so to keep our customers healthy. So please wear a mask or expect to be asked to wear a mask when the technician comes to your door. Also please have the work area as clear as possible and wipe down your appliances before and after. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this safety matter.
Appliance Tech LLC Lansdale PA