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If your dryer breaks down there are a few basic trpubleshooying checks you should complete before calling an appliance repair technician to come out and diagnose your dryer. The first thing you should check is if your dryer is properly plugged into the wall. Gas dryers have a standard hundred twenty volt outlet found on most household electronics so just make sure the machine is properly plugged into the outlet. Also make sure that if the gas dryer is plugged into a GFI outlet that it hasn't been tripped. If the dryer is plugged in properly and you still have no power going to the dryer then then the next step is to safely test if you have power coming from the dryers electrical outlet. Plug a lamp, radio, or some other basic electrical otem into the outlet to se if you have power. If there is no power the next thing to do is check to see of your circuit breaker tripped. Electrical dryers are either plugged into a large 240 volt outlet, or the elctric dryer is directly connected through a thick wire directly to your circuit breaker box. The only safe thing that you can do as far as troubleshooting is check if the double breaker to the dryer has been tripped. If your dryer still has no power after this your next step should be to call Affordable Appliance Repair. 

If your dryer is not heating properly there are basic dryer troubleshooting checks you can do. First you can check if the dryer lint trap has been cleaned properly of all lint. The dryer lint trap has to be properly cleaned of all dryer lint after each cycle. If that is clean do a visual check of the dryer vent and make sure it is not bent to the point where it keeps the heat and moisture in the dryer. After that yiu have to check to see if the dryer vent is clogged with lint. If this happens it can restrict heat and humidity from leaving the dryer. 90% of dryer repairs happen because the parts break or short out from to much heat being trapped in the dryer. To prevent dryer repairs your dryer vents should be cleaned once a year.

If this information has not solved your dryer repair problems then it is time to contact Appliance Tech LLC at 267-582-2036.

Dryer Repair Service Lansdale, PA

Dryer vents should be cleaned out once a year. 90% of dryer repairs on electric dryers and gas dryers are caused by a dryer vent that has not been cleaned regularly.  Dryer repairs such as dryer ignitor, dryer thermostats, dryer heating element, dryer thermal fuses, and dryer motors are caused by the dryer vent being clogged with lint.

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