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Here are some tips that might save you money and have your washing machine or washer running instantly. If you turn your washing machine on and nothing happens the first thing you should do is check to make sure the washing machine or washer is properly plugged in the electrical outlet. If the plug is properly plugged in you can check to see if there is electricity going to the outlet by plugging a house lamp into washing machine outlet. If there is a problem with the electricity at that point you would check out if the GFI has been tripped and you could press the reset button. If you don't hear a click then the GFI has not been tripped and some GFI outlets have a light indicator. If the GFI isnt passing electricity through to the washer you could check your circuit breaker box lto see if the circuit breaker supplying electricity to your washing machine or washer has been tripped. Always be very careful when dealing with electricity.

If you go to turn the machine on and the washing machine does not start filling with water another thing you could check is if the water valves are turned off. Turn the water valve to the left or counterclockwise to open the valve. When you turn the water valve right or clockwise it closes the valve. Sometimes if the weather outside is extremely cold with freezing temperatures it will cut off the water supply to your washing machine because your pipes might freeze. After you check out all these items and the washing machine or washer still does not work, then it is time to calll an appliancr repair technician. Appliance Tech LLC services all makes and models of washing machines and washers. We fix all washing machines from basic older models to the new or computerized models such as front load washing machines and he or high efficiency washing machines. To set up service for your washer or washing machine call Appliance Tech LLC at 267-582-2036.

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